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Adhesive Residue
Adhesive remaining on a substrate, once the tape has been removed.
A term used to describe the material to which two layers of adhesive are applied.
Cohesive failure
The mode of failure in which adhesive splits, leaving residue on the substrate.
Lateral movement of an applied pressure sensitive product, due to low cohesive strength.
The separation of a material from the backing.
A small hand prepared tape sample.
Dry Edge
A lack of coating on the edge of the backing.
The length of time the material remains under heat or tension, etc..
Technique for imprinting a design texture into a material.
Face Material
Any paper, film or fabric suitable for making a pressure sensitive product.
Heat Resistance
The property of a material which inhibits the occurrence of physical or chemical changes caused by exposure to high temperatures.
Holding Power
Ability to withstand stress. Involves both adhesive and cohesive strength.
Imprints generally caused by defect on core or bad splice.
Lay Flat
A label material with good non-curling characteristics.
Master Rolls
A full with roll that has finished the primary manufacturing process.
Metallized Film
Plastic film that has been coated on one side with a very thin layer of metal.
Natural Aging
The change in a material occurring when it is exposed to normal environmental conditions.
Adhesive edging out of ends of rolls, causing ends to feel sticky and possibly causing material to block.
The measure of the amount of light that can pas through the tape
The tape fails to adhere to release paper or film tightly enough and a line of air forms between the two.
The force required to remove the liner from the face-stock at a specified angle and speed.
Removable adhesive
A pressure sensitive adhesive characterized by low ultimate adhesion and clean removability from a wide variety of surfaces.
When the roll of tape slips from the core and is extending out one side and the outer wraps of tape go the other way. Usually caused by too much tension during rewind.
The normal edge wast from a master roll.

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